The Moral Majority Is Going To Get Someone Killed.


Simple Definition of fear

  • : to be afraid of (something or someone)

    : to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)

    : to be afraid and worried

                                                                                    Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
Christian Conservatives have launched an all out attack on Transgender Women.  This is nothing more than a fear based campaign to create a wedge issue.  The success of their racist “Southern Strategy”  has fueled yet another fear based strategy to divide an electorate.  The numbers of Racists must be dwindling or else why would they make up so many lies about less than half a percent of the population?
The answer is simple, Republicans need a Super Majority of whites to win elections, their message does not resonate with the poor, women, immigrants or blue collar workers.  How do they garner votes amongst these groups?  Get people to vote against their own best interests.  Create a boogeyman as they have done in the past.  Get those that are oppressed by the republican platform to become single issue voters.  Be it Racism in the past or fear of another religion more recently.  They have to instill fear in an uneducated electorate against something, to get them to vote for Tax Breaks for Banks, Corporation’s and crony capitalism.  Who is left to demonize to get people to vote against their own self interests?  The most oppressed minority of all Trans Women of course.
“In your quest to create fear in your project you have the option to create fear or expand on it. In many cases expanding will be more than sufficient. Instead of investing a gratuitous amount of time and energy trying to make someone fear something new, it may be time better spent to relapse an old phobia or expand on those that already have foundations laid by our cultural indoctrinations.”
These “cultural indoctrinations” may simply be “gender defenders”  trying to protect the most basic tenet of their religion.  That being; men and women were created by god and he makes no mistakes.  If you endanger this basic tenet of the bible and make people question the entire validity of the bible then be prepared for a literal unleashing of hell upon yourself.  This in my opinion is what is happening with this sudden onslaught of these “bathroom bills”.  They not only have to preserve the story of talking snakes and incest in Genesis, but they have the ever present need to have a President with an “R” behind his name in the White House.   They will stop at nothing to achieve the former and to achieve the latter as well, including sacrificing lives.
I believe the gender defenders are complicit, and encouraging and fueling the animosity for Trans Women by this campaign to create a boogeyman in hopes for a political victory.  This onslaught of media attention against .3% of the population has painted targets (pun intended) on our backs.  Should a tomboy be afraid to pee in a public restroom,  should someone that does not comply with a christian’s standard of attire be afraid to pee?   Should I?  Should You?
Ok kids let’s break this down.  By his appearance and speech he would not statistically be  a conservative voter, has he become a one issue voter?  It would seem so.  I know nothing of this man, I am only using statistical analysis.   Because of my affinity for my hometown of Dallas (yes that is Jocelyn’s home) this article was a dugger into the heart of Texas.  This man chased a woman into a restroom because he was worried that a man might be in a women’s restroom?  Ummm, yes there is, and it is you!  I realize that you believe you are one of the good ones,  and you are safe because you would never assault anyone (we don’t know that).  But yet you chased down a born and bred female because of what she was wearing???  She was there with broken fingers, wearing gym attire, is that a reason for a strange man to chase her into a restroom??  No it is not!  Maybe since she was wearing basketball shorts she might have actually been playing basketball?  Should we tell our daughters that if they get injured playing basketball that they need to put on a dress before going to the hospital?  It is always about the kids or so I am told.
What if this man had a firearm?  What if he was a drunk single issue redneck?  He may very well rush into a Piggly Wiggly restroom with a gun and shoot a female because she had the audacity to wear pants, cut her hair short and shun makeup. Statistically speaking this “self appointed bathroom cop”  would have a better chance of killing a sexual predator if he rushed in and murdered someone he just thought was a conservative Politician.
This campaign of fear against Transgender Women has reached a fever pitch.  Could I be killed because of something that a conservative group accused me of?  Yes I could.  This is the next cultural war, would we question fixing a birth defect of to many toes?  No we would not!  Being Transgender is merely fixing a birth defect, was I born with too many toes?  No I was not.  My horror was much worse.  Self rightous gender defenders want to refuse me the right to fix my birth defect. Because somehow their need to defend gender and what is written on a birth certificate supercedes my Right To Life Liberty And the Pursuit of Happiness.
Please stop inciting people to look for this illusive trans person in a bathroom.  You are only going to get someone killed.

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression.


Thomas Jefferson

Is the Next Election Going To BE About Who Pee’s Where?


The only thing I hear about in the news seems to be about bathrooms and who can pee where. Maybe I just live in a Trans bubble, does any one talk about taxes, national debt or endless wars for profit anymore? I sincerely hope they are, but I am not really seeing it.  Is this country going to be divided about this? In one of the most heated issues of this election cycle I believe it will be. In what appears to be a shot across the bow to LGBT Rights, the Armed Forces Subcommittee voted to tag a provision into the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The HRC wrote that, “Rep. Russell’s harmful amendment would strip away existing protections for LGBT workers by undermining President Obama’s executive order on LGBT non-discrimination protections in federal contracting,” said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy.  I tried to find the actual wording of the Amendment but at this time I could not. If I find it I will leave it in the comments section below. Taking the HRC at it’s word and knowing that it is entirely feasible that a Congressman from Choctaw OK. would be be ok with discrimination I am going to present this as truth.

Since this is my monday I shall be brief in the hopes that “Clarity of thought is a must for brevity in speech.” It is this writers belief that this amendment will stand as is into the NDAA, which will pass the Republican House easily as all Republicans are up for reelection and don’t want to disappoint their Christian Base.  I also contend it will pass the Senate for similar reasons.  What Politician can “vote against the troops” regardless of what minor amendments are in the Act.  When and and if this passes in the present form The President will be forced to either sign as is or veto it.  Neither is a palatable choice.  If this passes and removes federal protections for LGBT troops it may in effect start the dismantling of Title IX which is what the current administration bases its LGBT protections on.   Bearing in mind that the next President, if republican could do so anyway with the stroke of a pen.  Perilous times for the LGBT community especially the T will continue, be prepared for the commercials of “Men in Dresses” filling your TV screens this fall.


It won’t be too much of an exaggeration for a false flag attack to occur.  What if a conservative group decided to get some right wing nut job to enter a womens restroom and terrorize young girls at a swimming pool?  Could this of happened already?  Could the Family Policy Instititute of Washington have had a premonition about such things?

Assimilation Into Society And How Women relate To Me As The Same Gender


Once upon a time not to long ago I asked myself a question.  Where am I in my transition?  I came to the conclusion that I am not transitioning anymore, I have transitioned.  A conclusion supported by something a well meaning co worker told me recently.  He told me “you are not transgender anymore”  meaning that he relates to me as female and as someone that was never the same gender as him. One persons opinion does not make a transition complete, how we interact within society does. To cofirm this conclusion I asked myself two questions, how do women relate to me?  They relate to me as the same gender as them.  How do men relate to me?  As someone that is a different gender than they are.  Are we as a group seeking congruency?  Yes we are.  Assimilation is the key to our mere existence, if we do not assimilate into a binary world as the gender that chose us, how can we exist in a world that wants to legislate us off a cliff?

Descriptions of my assimilation, I work in a male dominated world, there are 200 hundred mechanics here in PHX.   Six of us are female,  it is a rough and tumble world that we live in.  As females we all live in a male dominated world, a world that is riddled with sexism and mysogyny.  How do Transegender Women fit into that world?  We have an odd perspective that our female friends truly are curious about.  We once had a boy’s club card.  As Transgender Women that card has been ripped from us.  That card has been replaced by the Living Our Authentic Lives Card.

How does one assimilate into a gender binary that is not only on the other side of the street, but on the other side of the planet?  When you notice that you are losing male privilige it has already been revoked and you are the last to know.  Do you have to struggle to have your opinion heard?  If it is heard is it even considered?  Losing your man card means that you have to be more ascertive just to be considered somewhat equal amongst your male peers.  Being taken seriously before was something that was taken for granted.  That is just one example of daily life as female.  When that happened to me I had to learn what female privilige is to complete this transition.

When did this authentic life begin?  I place the date at 3 years ago in my mind.  When did society start to relate to me as female?  sometime in the last two years I think.  My friends could answer that question better than I.  Most definately Government recognized me as female over a year ago.  Assimilation did come naturally, but small things seemed to trip me up at first.  Subtle things that I did not notice before transition.  I use the term “female Privilige” to describe how this big scary world relates to me.  The first time I noticed one of those subtle things was back in Dallas.  I was on my way to work, and since I work as an aircraft mechanic I wasn’t dressed very girly although I can girl the uniform up with the best of them.  I stopped at a convienence store to grab a couple items on my way to work.  Like most stores it had double doors, there was a man standing on the inside holding the door open.  Not your stereotypical chivalrous action since most often the person is on the outside holding the door open.  I did not realize that this man was holding the door for me, like I said it was kind of an odd door encounter and I opened the other door and walked through.  I caught myself and stopped and thanked the gentleman and told him I did not realize that he was waiting for me.  That was a coming out epiphany for me.  There are many more instances this was just me tipping my toe into a very complicated issue and a difficult one to write about coherently.


“Writing is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent elimination.”
Louise Brooks


Losing Male privilege and other first world problems.

Soo, I am in the process of having some procedures done and one of the Warpath requirements to have said enhancment’s done is to go see a mental health professional.  Those of you that know me are probably thinking “it’s about damn time”.   One of the things she wanted me to do was to write a journal,  so here goes.  This is soooo not going to end well. ;-P.

In contemplating about what to write in this journal, I found that this life has given me every opportunity to write endlessly about the goofiness of my every day life as a transgender woman.  Living my authentic life as female gives me great influence over silly boys.  An excellent example of this is me eating two bananas for breakfast last night at work.  At first I was being a good girl and breaking it into pieces,  but I unconsciously started eating it as it was meant to be eaten.  Huge mistake, I looked up and three guys were staring at me.  The little red guy on my right wing shoulder was saying “put on a show”,  the guy dressed in white on my left wing was telling me “don’t put that thing in your mouth”.  Exit stage left with my breakfast.

Walking away finishing breakfast I was reminded that male privilege is real and that I gave that up willingly.  Before I transitioned I could eat a banana without any one staring.  Now that I am female It has become something that I have to think about.  How misogynist is society that I have to be concerned about how I eat a fruit?  This journey has showed me that I do have to realize that accepting female privilege does have it’s own issues. If I go to lunch with a coworker I have to have another coworker there or else it is construed as I am sleeping with said lunch mate.  Before I was female I could go to lunch with whomever I chose. Now I have to worry about the damage to my reputation that can occur, and the damage to the reputation of the friend  who invited me to lunch.

Losing male privilege is real, but embracing and gaining female privilege is a much better alternative for those of us that are Trans. This blog is about Male Privilege and about how women cannot eat a banana or a burrito without dudes makng innuendos.  I just want to eat a banana why does it have to be be a thing?



What would prevent me from saying “I feel like a cop today”?

cropped-jocelyn_rainbow-2-1.jpgThere were male police officers invading the sanctity of feminity, they threw a Woman out of a restroom for not having an ID.  Remind me again of the constitutioinal requirement to carry a government issued ID. Oh wait you can’t since it doesn’t exist.

As we see these men in the womens restroom I became curious.  How do we know that rapists and pedophiles will not dress up as men to take advantage of a law that allows men to patrol a womens restroom?  All you need to do is buy a badge and a gun and claim that you are law enforcement.  These bathroom laws merely open the door for ill intentioned people to rape our daughters and wives while they pee.  I know a few cops and not all are bad, but we should repeal these bathroom laws on the off chance that some guy with a badge pretending to be a cop could take advantage of it.  Mic Drop and walks away.


Police: Big Bear Man Posed As Cop To Rape At Least 3 Women

Errol’s Birthday


As I sit here in my eloctrologist’s office contemplating the sheer pain that awaits, I had a thought. Who would pretend to be Transgender?  We have heard countless stories about those that will “pretend to be Transgender”  Former Govenor of Arkansas thought that you could pretend to be Transgender.


There is no pretending to be Transgender Sir, either you are, or you are not.  This is not something that can be turned on and off.  Those of us that were born with a birth defect cannot even compare to those of you that think we all were born in sin.  As someone that was born I have no idea how I sinned at that point in my life, but if christitianity wants to heap that on me,  I reserve the right to fight back.And fight back I shall.  Calling me a sinner at birth makes about as much sense as insinuating that I am only “throwing on a dress” to perv on ugly christian women and their bratty kids.


Being Transgender can be a battle in a cultural war. That war with society could mean life or death, Rest In Power to our fallen brothers and sisters.  I am well aware that that I can be murdered tomorrow for living my authenthinc life.  This life chose me,  I accepted and embraced it because; well, I can. this is my life.  My natural rights enshrined in the constitution ensure those rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If i want to live fast and die hard that is my right. It isn’t about what some book of myths says, It is about the battle that we all face living our authentic lives.  A battle in a war that is perpetuated by a group of so called Christians.  Christians are ready to be on the wrong side of history yet again.  Those that oppose your centuries of oppression shall fight you till the end of time. Oppression in the name arbitary beliefs born of darkened times and fearful minds shall be defeated.  What shall not bend must break.


I support everyones right to religion of their choice, any sincerely held religious beliefs do not trump (no pun intended) my natural rights.  North Carolina, Mississippi and others are testing the waters once again to enshrine the right to discriminate.  They now cry that they are discriminated against by those that oppose their ill conceived notion to push Gays back into the closet and push those that are Transgender over the cliff.


“It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself,

to resist invasions of it in the case of others:

or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.”

Thomas Jefferson
’s First Anniversary And All I got Was A Blog Space



I’m a couple of days early with the anniversary post, but I thought I’d give the blog spot a spin. Errol worked feverishly because he loves me so much that he’d do anything to make sure I could post on the website.

The introductory blog;


April 18th has important meaning to Errol and I.  It is my Transgender Birthday, more importantly it is Errol’s Birthday but most importantly it is the anniversary of the day that the two of us decided to live our lives together. (still waiting on the ring) 😉  Sometimes coincidence is something worth following up on.


So what does a guy get a girl that has everything?  Her very own blog of course.  In this blog I hope to move beyond Transgender issues and meld them into issues of greater importance.  I will spend my time writing about those things that I care about most, freedom, equality and fighting the inequalities that are being perpetrated in the name of the dominant pervasive religion in our hamlets, towns and cities all the way up to State and Federal government.  Often times those battles intersect with the culture war waged against the LGBT community.  The Transgender Community is unfortunately at the spearhead of this assault on basic freedom by those that are running out of people to discriminate against.


My name is Jocelyn Nicole Nickle.  I am a Transgender Woman.  I consider myself fully transitioned and have assimilated into society as Female.  A co worker told me the other night that “you are not transgender anymore”  A telling statement of what we all strive for but I will always be Trans in the eyes of some.  That is why I will continue to fight for my Trans Brothers and Sisters.  My fight is against the larger problem of the wave of so called “religious freedom laws’.  They have nothing to do with freedom with the one exception that they grant “freedom” to discriminate.  Some might consider my opinions a bit harsh.  That may be but I believe that we are in a Culture War for the very soul of our society.  This blog is so important to me to define how we as individuals can fight the tide of oppression and win this culture war.


Thank You to my Boyfriend Errol Mcinnes,  I Luv You.



I look forward to hearing feedback from those that read my rants and musings.