Losing Male privilege and other first world problems.

Soo, I am in the process of having some procedures done and one of the Warpath requirements to have said enhancment’s done is to go see a mental health professional.  Those of you that know me are probably thinking “it’s about damn time”.   One of the things she wanted me to do was to write a journal,  so here goes.  This is soooo not going to end well. ;-P.

In contemplating about what to write in this journal, I found that this life has given me every opportunity to write endlessly about the goofiness of my every day life as a transgender woman.  Living my authentic life as female gives me great influence over silly boys.  An excellent example of this is me eating two bananas for breakfast last night at work.  At first I was being a good girl and breaking it into pieces,  but I unconsciously started eating it as it was meant to be eaten.  Huge mistake, I looked up and three guys were staring at me.  The little red guy on my right wing shoulder was saying “put on a show”,  the guy dressed in white on my left wing was telling me “don’t put that thing in your mouth”.  Exit stage left with my breakfast.

Walking away finishing breakfast I was reminded that male privilege is real and that I gave that up willingly.  Before I transitioned I could eat a banana without any one staring.  Now that I am female It has become something that I have to think about.  How misogynist is society that I have to be concerned about how I eat a fruit?  This journey has showed me that I do have to realize that accepting female privilege does have it’s own issues. If I go to lunch with a coworker I have to have another coworker there or else it is construed as I am sleeping with said lunch mate.  Before I was female I could go to lunch with whomever I chose. Now I have to worry about the damage to my reputation that can occur, and the damage to the reputation of the friend  who invited me to lunch.

Losing male privilege is real, but embracing and gaining female privilege is a much better alternative for those of us that are Trans. This blog is about Male Privilege and about how women cannot eat a banana or a burrito without dudes makng innuendos.  I just want to eat a banana why does it have to be be a thing?