’s First Anniversary And All I got Was A Blog Space



I’m a couple of days early with the anniversary post, but I thought I’d give the blog spot a spin. Errol worked feverishly because he loves me so much that he’d do anything to make sure I could post on the website.

The introductory blog;


April 18th has important meaning to Errol and I.  It is my Transgender Birthday, more importantly it is Errol’s Birthday but most importantly it is the anniversary of the day that the two of us decided to live our lives together. (still waiting on the ring) 😉  Sometimes coincidence is something worth following up on.


So what does a guy get a girl that has everything?  Her very own blog of course.  In this blog I hope to move beyond Transgender issues and meld them into issues of greater importance.  I will spend my time writing about those things that I care about most, freedom, equality and fighting the inequalities that are being perpetrated in the name of the dominant pervasive religion in our hamlets, towns and cities all the way up to State and Federal government.  Often times those battles intersect with the culture war waged against the LGBT community.  The Transgender Community is unfortunately at the spearhead of this assault on basic freedom by those that are running out of people to discriminate against.


My name is Jocelyn Nicole Nickle.  I am a Transgender Woman.  I consider myself fully transitioned and have assimilated into society as Female.  A co worker told me the other night that “you are not transgender anymore”  A telling statement of what we all strive for but I will always be Trans in the eyes of some.  That is why I will continue to fight for my Trans Brothers and Sisters.  My fight is against the larger problem of the wave of so called “religious freedom laws’.  They have nothing to do with freedom with the one exception that they grant “freedom” to discriminate.  Some might consider my opinions a bit harsh.  That may be but I believe that we are in a Culture War for the very soul of our society.  This blog is so important to me to define how we as individuals can fight the tide of oppression and win this culture war.


Thank You to my Boyfriend Errol Mcinnes,  I Luv You.



I look forward to hearing feedback from those that read my rants and musings.