WTF? 1 of……… I Am Truly Becoming Scared.


Am I terrified because I am A Transgender Woman?  NO I AM NOT.  What i am afraid of is some enraged zealot assaulting or murdering someone that they believe is Transgender.    I have not been this terrified since I first started transitioning.  This should not be the case once you assimilate into society as female.  Those fears should go away, but they are rearing their ugly head again.  Does any segment of society have a right to instill fear into another?  NO THEY DO NOT. The “immoral majority” has waged an all out war on Trans Women, in the name of privacy and so called “religious freedom”.  They have grasped onto this issue of Trans women and bathroom usage as the tip of their poison laden spear to reinstate christian dominance into the fabric of this nation.

Riddle me this, how does sending men into a Womens restroom protect women?   Is that not what they are afraid of?  That is something that scares me.  Especially men with deeply held religious convictions.  Their argument is that “we don’t want men in womens restrooms”.  This campaign to demonize Trans people is reaching a fevered pitch.  A segment of society is so riled up by this issue that, somehow they believe that it’s ok for them to police restrooms.

This is but one example of one group waging a war against another.  The AFA has gotten over a million peoople to sign a petition to boycott Target.  Their rhetoric resonates with a citizenry that feels repressed by a so called liberal agenda.  A cursery look at the demographics of American Family Association’s members is quite frighteneing.  They tend to be extremely conservative firearm owning white southerners.  What could possibly go wrong when group that believes that they are being oppressed for their religious beliefs gets mobilized?  Recent history shows us that type of belief system leads to violence,  be it the bombing of Womens Health Clinics, The Charleston Church shooting or just simple everyday Assault and Murder.   The FBI keeps track of such things. Their data shows that of all reported hate crimes,


  • 19.2 percent were targeted because of a bias against a particular sexual orientation.
  • 18.7 percent were victimized because of a bias against a religious belief.


Based on these numbers my trepidation is not imagined.  When you fan the flames of bigotry and intolerance you get this.  A man rushing into a women’s restroom because he believed that a man was in there.  Huh???  Yes there was you idiot, it was you.

I wrote about an incident in a previous blog of a woman being escorted out of a restroom by male police officers for having the audacity to not have her ID on her and not conforming to a christian opinion of how women should dress.

This rhetoric that instills fear about Transgender people has even reached the lips of Presidential candidates.  The right will stop at nothing to demonize Trans people, for them, no lie is to big to tell.  Ted Cruz went so far as to try to allege that a psychopath who shot up a planned parenthood was Trans.   Cruz said “It’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist, if that’s what he is.”  When the evidence shows that the alleged shooter was enraged by a story accusing Planned Parenthood of selling baby parts.  A story the right told over and over to whomever that would listen. The story was later debunked and the originators of the story were eventually charged with crimes stemming from their accusations against Planned Parenthood.

Cruz later recanted that accusation but once you put a notion into someone’s mind it has a tendancy to remain there.  Does the Right have blood on their hands?  YES THEY DO.  Do they feel remorse for enraging someone so much that he committed murder?  No they do not.  Instead they walk away tsk tsking, clutching their pearls or with merely a shrug of their shoulders.  Accusations do have consequences especially unfounded heinous ones.  Below is an actual list of all the Transgender Women that have assaulted someone in a restroom.



That is the complete list, the perfect illustration of how unfounded their fears are.

What is the christian right’s obsession’s with genetalia??? I am at a loss to understand how a sexually repressed religion whose very own book of myths which endorses a “rape culture” even has a say in matters of Womens Rights.  What do they think goes on in a women’s room?  To quote Megyn Kelly a Fox News Rockstar,

“I’ve been in women’s bathrooms my whole life. We don’t have the urinal situation.We got the stalls. We get to go in, we do our business, and like it’s not – we don’t see each other. So why are you concerned about young girls exposing themselves or seeing somebody else exposed in a women’s bathroom?”

Another right wing idol, Chris Mathews stated that they (meaning Fox News) could not find a single incident of a Transgender person assaulting someone in a restroom.  But yet the ‘immoral majority’ persist’s in their claims that “these laws open the door for someone to claim that they are a transgender to commit a crime”  The rationale for this is that criminals will obey the laws that ban trans women from bathrooms and not commit a crime {insert face palm here}.  Odd that they do not use the same rationale about gun laws.

I am going to run with this as is, I may update it later, I have been working on this for two days between WPATH appointments.  I close with the fear that we will lose more sisters because of societies willingness to oppress a group of people that they do not even know.  I will raise a candle for you, or you may raise one for me on November 20th this year.  As we go about our daily lives we never know when our last day may be.  This life is fragile and we can be murdered at any time for no other reason than existing.   If that day may come I will still proudly be a Transgender Woman.  Hate only inspires me to continue living with my head up and shoulders back. This authentic life is mine, prejudices and lies cannot take that away.

“Do remember, though, that sometimes the people you oppress become mightier than you would like.”
Veronica Roth, Insurgent








The Moral Majority Is Going To Get Someone Killed.


Simple Definition of fear

  • : to be afraid of (something or someone)

    : to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)

    : to be afraid and worried

                                                                                    Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
Christian Conservatives have launched an all out attack on Transgender Women.  This is nothing more than a fear based campaign to create a wedge issue.  The success of their racist “Southern Strategy”  has fueled yet another fear based strategy to divide an electorate.  The numbers of Racists must be dwindling or else why would they make up so many lies about less than half a percent of the population?
The answer is simple, Republicans need a Super Majority of whites to win elections, their message does not resonate with the poor, women, immigrants or blue collar workers.  How do they garner votes amongst these groups?  Get people to vote against their own best interests.  Create a boogeyman as they have done in the past.  Get those that are oppressed by the republican platform to become single issue voters.  Be it Racism in the past or fear of another religion more recently.  They have to instill fear in an uneducated electorate against something, to get them to vote for Tax Breaks for Banks, Corporation’s and crony capitalism.  Who is left to demonize to get people to vote against their own self interests?  The most oppressed minority of all Trans Women of course.
“In your quest to create fear in your project you have the option to create fear or expand on it. In many cases expanding will be more than sufficient. Instead of investing a gratuitous amount of time and energy trying to make someone fear something new, it may be time better spent to relapse an old phobia or expand on those that already have foundations laid by our cultural indoctrinations.”
These “cultural indoctrinations” may simply be “gender defenders”  trying to protect the most basic tenet of their religion.  That being; men and women were created by god and he makes no mistakes.  If you endanger this basic tenet of the bible and make people question the entire validity of the bible then be prepared for a literal unleashing of hell upon yourself.  This in my opinion is what is happening with this sudden onslaught of these “bathroom bills”.  They not only have to preserve the story of talking snakes and incest in Genesis, but they have the ever present need to have a President with an “R” behind his name in the White House.   They will stop at nothing to achieve the former and to achieve the latter as well, including sacrificing lives.
I believe the gender defenders are complicit, and encouraging and fueling the animosity for Trans Women by this campaign to create a boogeyman in hopes for a political victory.  This onslaught of media attention against .3% of the population has painted targets (pun intended) on our backs.  Should a tomboy be afraid to pee in a public restroom,  should someone that does not comply with a christian’s standard of attire be afraid to pee?   Should I?  Should You?
Ok kids let’s break this down.  By his appearance and speech he would not statistically be  a conservative voter, has he become a one issue voter?  It would seem so.  I know nothing of this man, I am only using statistical analysis.   Because of my affinity for my hometown of Dallas (yes that is Jocelyn’s home) this article was a dugger into the heart of Texas.  This man chased a woman into a restroom because he was worried that a man might be in a women’s restroom?  Ummm, yes there is, and it is you!  I realize that you believe you are one of the good ones,  and you are safe because you would never assault anyone (we don’t know that).  But yet you chased down a born and bred female because of what she was wearing???  She was there with broken fingers, wearing gym attire, is that a reason for a strange man to chase her into a restroom??  No it is not!  Maybe since she was wearing basketball shorts she might have actually been playing basketball?  Should we tell our daughters that if they get injured playing basketball that they need to put on a dress before going to the hospital?  It is always about the kids or so I am told.
What if this man had a firearm?  What if he was a drunk single issue redneck?  He may very well rush into a Piggly Wiggly restroom with a gun and shoot a female because she had the audacity to wear pants, cut her hair short and shun makeup. Statistically speaking this “self appointed bathroom cop”  would have a better chance of killing a sexual predator if he rushed in and murdered someone he just thought was a conservative Politician.
This campaign of fear against Transgender Women has reached a fever pitch.  Could I be killed because of something that a conservative group accused me of?  Yes I could.  This is the next cultural war, would we question fixing a birth defect of to many toes?  No we would not!  Being Transgender is merely fixing a birth defect, was I born with too many toes?  No I was not.  My horror was much worse.  Self rightous gender defenders want to refuse me the right to fix my birth defect. Because somehow their need to defend gender and what is written on a birth certificate supercedes my Right To Life Liberty And the Pursuit of Happiness.
Please stop inciting people to look for this illusive trans person in a bathroom.  You are only going to get someone killed.

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression.


Thomas Jefferson