What would prevent me from saying “I feel like a cop today”?

cropped-jocelyn_rainbow-2-1.jpgThere were male police officers invading the sanctity of feminity, they threw a Woman out of a restroom for not having an ID.  Remind me again of the constitutioinal requirement to carry a government issued ID. Oh wait you can’t since it doesn’t exist.

As we see these men in the womens restroom I became curious.  How do we know that rapists and pedophiles will not dress up as men to take advantage of a law that allows men to patrol a womens restroom?  All you need to do is buy a badge and a gun and claim that you are law enforcement.  These bathroom laws merely open the door for ill intentioned people to rape our daughters and wives while they pee.  I know a few cops and not all are bad, but we should repeal these bathroom laws on the off chance that some guy with a badge pretending to be a cop could take advantage of it.  Mic Drop and walks away.









Police: Big Bear Man Posed As Cop To Rape At Least 3 Women