Does President Trump want to ban White Canadians from entering the country?

cropped-jocelyn_rainbow-2-1.jpgThis may seem like a silly rant, but since I have not written in some time I thought I would give my alternative opinion on something.  As we know a hate crime occured in Quebec, which obligates me to offer something to the victims.  My offering will not be of prayers.  Instead it is a humane expression of condolence that some jackass can be filled with so much hate that he murdered six people while wounding another nineteen.  Writing this I can find no other reason for this madness except raging hatred against a sect or class.  While I do not know the motives I shall unequivocally assume that hate was the motive.

Now for some thoughts about the briefing in the press room at the White House today.   Initially it was reported that a Morrocan man was arrested in connection to the murders, he was later released while a white male was arrested and subsequently charged.  The news cycle started with the Muslim being arrested which resulted in people’s reactions that coincide with their ideologies.  This was no more evident than at the press briefing today,  I will give the administration the benefit of the doubt that the initial reports seemed to validate their ban on refugees and immigrants from seven nations.  The statement appeared to be written from an ideology that banning muslims is a good thing for national security because (they even murder their own).  My personal belief is that after the statement was written and before the statement was given that the details of the real perpetrator were known.  Hence an odd statement from Sean Spicer.

Why would a President who claims to be christian offer prayers to muslim victims and their families?  Are these two abrahamic cults not diametrically opposed to one another?  Is he mereley speaking out of the side of his mouth and offering lip service like a Russian prostitute?  The obligatory statement that must be made is abstract since it has not been proven that prayers do any good except for the psychological affirmation that one is doing something while doing nothing at all.  I will not dwell on the the absurdity of how praying to your imaginary friend somehow helps someone that believes in a different imaginary friend.  Kinda like a Voodoo Priest praying for me.

An ascertation was made that this senseless crime in Quebec somehow validates the executive order banning immigrants, green card holders and those with valid travel visas from seven countries that do not have trump properties is good for national security.  Before you grab the pitchforks and torches let me state that I do realize that per the inadmissible alien clause of U.S. code the President’s Executive Order is legal.  Furthermore there is precedent for singling out these seven countries because of Law that was signed by President Obama.

Defending the Executive Order Spicer said. He later continued: “It’s a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant and why the president is taking steps to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to our nation’s safety and security.”  How do we decide who gets banned from entering the country?  White men? Trump supporters? Canadiens? conservatives?  Or do we stereotype seven countries that are majority muslim while omitting Saudi Arabia the home of fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 9/11.  This is not about safety, this is about fulfilling a campaign promise to “your base”.  Why were Saudi’s not included?  Not saying that anyone should be,  but one wonders why they were omitted.  Maybe because they hold the keys to the current root of all evil OIL?

The intent of this short op ed long is how on this round earth can a crime committed by a white, anti-feminist, anti-foreigner, Canadian National that reportedly believe’s in the ideology of Trump/Marine Le Pen somehow bolster the restriction of immigration of people from seven nations? If this murderer was an American he would be referred to as “the conservative base” in a Presidential Campaign due to his beliefs and not because of his subsequent actions.  Once again I have to clarify so someone doesn’t accuse me of saying that racist, bigoted, hate crime offenders are conservatives.